Does IT Fit™ 30+ Day Lifestyle Program

How To Look & Feel Great

The Top 5 components of looking and feeling great are incorporated into this simple and effective program. Take a look at the correlating importance of these components shown on the graph to the right. Did you know that learning how to eat right and making that fit into your busy lifestyle is the #1 way to be successful at reaching your health goals? You'll love our healthy meals section of the program! That’s where you are directed to focus on a single component of healthy eating every day, so it's simple and not overwhelming. Movement is the next component of being successful in meeting your personal health goals. Fitting realistic movement into your day is how we are able to help you build lasting lifestyle changes that support your desire to look and feel great forever—not just 30 days. So, let's get moving!

Making IT Fun

Who cares about your happiness more than you? Happiness packs a powerful punch in this program as we help you create the right mindset for living a healthier, happier lifestyle. We also show you how to make these simple steps fun and realistic—because if it’s not fun, why do it? Happiness starts with you and expands into friendships and community. You'll find it’s easy to develop these in our program because you’ll meet others taking the same journey. Building your own healthy support network and being part of our Does It Fit™ community is just as important in your success towards looking and feeling great as eating healthy is, so become a part of our community today!

You Can Do IT

We all know we are more likely to stop complaining and just do something if someone is supporting us and holding us accountable. Accountability helps you stay on track with your goals and helps you work through the challenging times. Between your daily tips, personal sessions and your Monday Mindset Q&A call, you’ll have a good base of accountability to keep you going throughout this program. If you feel you need more accountability, make sure to invite your friends and family to receive 1 free personal session to start building your healthy support network. Are you ready to look and feel great? Then don’t hesitate! Click “Get Started” now to receive Day 1 of the program immediately—and wait no more!

Eating Right 33%
Movement 17%
Happiness 22%
Community 15%
Accountability 13%
Healthy Meal

Fruits, Veggies, & Lean Proteins

We help you focus on what is most important about healthy eating, so you can achieve your personal goals quickly and with ease.

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Healthy Motion

Movement Each Day

You'll learn to incorporate simple daily movement into your life to get you burning calories, toning up, and looking great!

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Healthy Mindset

Happiness Helps You Look & Feel Great

We keep you focused on your achievements and help you build on daily successes until they become part of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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